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    ESG, Wuhu Shipyard always on the way

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    In 2024, ESG, also known as environment, society, and governance, celebrated its 20th anniversary of development. During these two decades, ESG has become an important indicator for measuring the level of sustainable development of enterprises. Under China's "dual carbon" goals, the ESG concept has quickly moved from discussion to action, and Wuhu Shipyard has also taken advantage of the situation, having its own unique ideas in assuming social responsibility, practicing environmental protection, and positive corporate governance.


    In the past, we have been doing:



    Implementing the ESG policy


    In October 2023, the EHS department of the company, under the decision of the chairman and management, took the lead in launching an ESG project proposal, organizing a meeting to discuss the compliance plan of company on integrating natural environment, social resources, and corporate governance. At the meeting, the real and specific situation of the whole company's production and operation branches involved with safety production management was evaluated. The meeting decided that the whole company will implement a medium - and long-term ESG development strategy in the following areas: first, we will anchor the company's ESG development direction, secondly, timely regulate, revise, and update the ESG compliance system based on production and business results during the implementation process is needed, finally, combine the concept with practical work, develop ESG performance tracking, and ensure that the whole company is united around ESG, and all divisions participate in the production practice of shipbuilding together, strive to be the industry leader and benchmark in ESG execution.


    New orders shift towards dual fuel vessels


    In the past few years, the company has successively developed and produced 22000DWT dual fuel chemical tankers, 21500DWT Bitumen/Product oil tankers, 3900DWT pure LNG powered self unloading bulk carriers, 7000DWT DF roll on/roll off ships, 5800DWT DF Multi-purpose ships, 14600DWT DF methanol reserved heavy lift vessels, 7000CEU DF PCTC, and pure electric powered inland river container ships. We have organized the establishment of a new energy ship research and development team, “master” studios, and postdoctoral workstations to build a new user and shipowners centered new energy business ecosystem and create a "blue" development growth pole in Anhui Province.



    On January 8, 2024, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China announced the list of green manufacturing for 2023, and Wuhu Shipyard was listed as a "green factory"! This is the second time that yard has been awarded a national level honorary title after winning the title of National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise in 2022, becoming the first "green factory" in Anhui Province for ship production.With green raw material utilization rate reached 94%,21500DWT Bitumen/Product oil tankers delivered in 2023 winning the Singapore Green Initiative Award.




    In the future, we will continuously do


    Overcoming cost difficulties in specific actions for energy conservation and carbon reduction, and continuing to make efforts towards the new energy shipbuilding industry


    Before Spring Festival in 2024, Mr. Zhang Zhao, Chairman of Wuhu Shipyard, walked into YICAI Studio of Shanghai Dragon Television to discuss the strategies of Wuhu Shipyard to address green and sustainable development in the future, focusing on the ESG (Environment, Society, Governance) indicators for measuring sustainable development under the dual carbon goals.


    In the first half of 2023, Wuhu Shipyard decided to layout the inland new energy shipbuilding industry.Chairman Zhang stated in the interview that shipping enterprises, as one of the important carriers of the global economic operation logistics chain, have always faced many opportunities and challenges in the development process. Driven by the ESG,shipbuilding will be forced to choose more advanced ship technologies, maximize ship performance, and improve cargo loading efficiency. But how to deal with the extra costs involved in the implementation of new technologies is a challenge that will continue to be faced in the future. In terms of how to improve price competitiveness while using green technology and energy, Mr Zhang stated that Wuhu Shipyard had reasonably laid out its factory area in the production of new energy ships, improving land allocation and utilization efficiency. In terms of operation, we have always adhered to the environmental protection concept of clean production and green shipbuilding. We have also boldly explored business models by implementing the "Green Ship Leasing" program, which allows shipowners to use new energy vessels through leasing, reducing their initial investment pressure. We have collaborated with financial institutions to launch green ship financing solutions to help them solve their funding problems.


    Collaborative Development of Green Emission Reduction and Production and Manufacturing


    In 2023, The company exceeded the 30 billion yuan mark with orderbooks, achieving a double increase in output value and profits. This is the result of yard's persistent commitment to intelligent production and manufacturing, and its implementation of intelligent manufacturing. In recent years,we have continuously introduced advanced intelligent manufacturing technology to improve the level of automation and intelligent production. The newly built second phase of the laser intelligent cutting center has introduced an integrated shipbuilding system, which significantly improves the overall production efficiency and basically achieves clean production. Mr Zhang also said that in the process of green transformation, Wuhu shipyard not only needs to transform itself, but also needs to innovate green products with the supply chain and partners, invest more resources in the research and development of new and advanced professional technologies such as methanol, green hydrogen, and green ammonia, and make these technologies as commercialized as possible, in order to stand out and seize the opportunity in this decarbonization competition.


    As a shipyard with one hundred and twenty four years history,the company has gone through ups and downs. In the future,we will seize the opportunity and cooperate with upstream and downstream enterprises,scientific research institutions, financial institutions, government departments, focus on ESG strategic goals, giving a lead in the process of dual carbon reduction, and achieving win-win and development with excellent ecology.We will also continue to play the leading role in environmental protection in shipbuilding in Anhui Province, participate in the drafting of industry regulations, and actively undertake the national strategy for new energy ships on inland waterways. Develop and build green ships powered by new and clean energy, add new momentum to the "zero carbon" goal of marine equipment application, ensure the perfect integration of ESG strategic goals and ship production with green manufacturing concepts, and ultimately achieve the goal.

    /Writer: 劉雨彤/Liu Yutong

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